Why Choose Holloway?

  • Your Child's Home Away From Home
  • New large state of the art Little Tykes commercial playground equipment for elementary school age children.
  • The Best Preschool Program around. Engaging, well rounded, inspiring, and stills essential fundamentals of education.
  • Special toddler safety-enhanced playground surfacing
  • CCTV Cameras in every room
  • Large outdoor playgrounds, divided for each age group.
  • Reliable and trustworthy staff
  • Family owned and operated for 50+ years


In order to be considered for admission to Holloway Preschool & Day Nursery the following items must be turned in the first day your child attends:

1. Registration fee and tuition.
2. Arts and Crafts Supply Fee for the first month.
3. Registration form filled out completely  (please with as much information as possible. for the safety of your child, i.e. contact phone numbers, physicians info, etc… )
4. Immunization records
5. Statement from your child’s physician.

Contract charges can not be altered or changed regardless of the number of days your child is in attendance. On the enrollment form you have to sign and date that you have read and agree to all rules and policies posted on the site and in Our Parent Handbook.

Our parents are expected to bring their child into the building and see that the child is under supervision of a teacher BEFORE leaving the premises. Parents must enter  the P.I.N # we supply them with to sign in & out your child. ( State requirement and safety reasons.) Children arriving in the mornings are required to have a diaper change and/or rest roomed before being dropped off.

Children must be picked up by a parent or guardian and signed out by entering the parent’s P.I.N. # or the P.I.N # given to any other person you may permit to pick up your child. Friends and other family members upon their first visit will be required to show legal state issued identification, which we will make a copy of. Anyone other than the parent or guardian must be listed in writing on the enrollment form and assigned a pin code. Parents are encouraged to go to their child’s classroom to pick-up their child.

Once your child is enrolled, you must pay every week, regardless if your child attends or not. Each class has a limited number of children enrolled at any time. You are paying to reserve a spot for your child in the class. Payment are done on a weekly basis instead of a monthly for your financial convenience ( though you may pay in advance. ) Otherwise, we must give up your child’s spot to another customer on the waiting list and you may not be eligible to return once child spot has been released. ( this could potentially be very inconvenient please avoid this situation, we really would not want to turn you away.)

After being enrolled in Holloway for six months, we will allow up to one week of vacation time without charge every six months. Vacation time will not be permitted if there is an outstanding balance nor may it be used to offset any other charges, vacation time is just, its for family vacation.

New Year’s Day
Memorial Day
4th of July
Labor Day
& the Friday after
Christmas Day

There is no reduction in tuition for holidays, and there is no additional charges for other H.I.S.D observed holidays or teacher in-service days.

A complete up-to-date immunization record must be provided for each child. This is a State and Health Department requirement. The center will attempt to remind each parent when immunizations are due for each child. See enrollment form for immunization schedule. TB tests are due on each child before 4 years of age.

A physician’s examination must be provided. Instead of statement, a parent may certify that the child has been examined by a licensed physician within the past twelve (12) months preceding enrollment and provide the physician’s statement as soon as possible.

We require that you Notify us in person or by phone at least two business weeks prior to your child’s withdrawal, regardless if attending your still responsible for these tuition payments the weekly payment plan is for our parents financial convenience only. Should you return an additional registration fee will be required, please ask Diane at the front desk or by phone for pricing.

When it is necessary for your child to take medication during school hours, the center must have your signed permission on record in our office. NO MEDICATION WILL BE ADMINISTERED WITHOUT THIS SIGNED PERMISSION SLIP. This includes over-the-counter as well as prescription medication. All medication must be clearly labeled with your child’s name. Prescribed medication must be in the prescription bottle. Medication cannot be out-of-date; otherwise, it will be disposed of (State law).

If your child becomes ill or has a fever while at Holloway, you will be called immediately to pick up your child. We require that you keep any sick children out of the facility at least twenty-four hours fever free in order to protect all of our other children. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but it is necessary to prevent a sick child from infecting other children. ( To comply with State Minimum standards. )

Should an emergency arise, you will be called and if necessary your child will be rushed to the emergency hospital indicated on your application.

Breakfast will be served from 6:30 to 8:15 AM. Breakfast is not included in tuition and can be purchased daily (please ask staff for posted payment and pricing) Menu and prices are posted also. All preschool children are served a mid-morning snack of juice and cheese and crackers from 8:30 to 8:45 AM. Lunch is served from 10:45 AM to 12:00 PM leaving time to wash hands and faces, and bathroom breaks.

Holloway provides a hot cooked meal every day for preschool age children. If you would prefer, your child may bring their own lunch. Elementary school children are required to bring a lunch and drink daily. Afternoon snacks are served from 2:00 to 2:30 PM.

Children have nap time daily from 12:00 to 1:45 PM. We provide each child with an individual cot and sheet.

Our first method of discipline and guidance is to use positive re-direction. We listen to each child’s side of every situation and help them come to a safe resolution. If disruptive behavior continues, we will notify the parents.


  • Children should be fully dressed (including shoes) upon arrival at Holloway Preschool & Day Care daily
  • No halter tops- not befitting of HISD dress codes
  • No jellys – safety
  • No flip-flops – safety
  • No boots – safety to others
  • No hats – health
  • No sharp jewelry  (preferably no jewelry)-safety
  • Other requirements: age appropriate clothing, please refrain from dressing your child in clothing that could pose any other hazard or found offensive in any way.

children are not permitted to wear boots,  with the exception of “Go Texan Day”, open-toed sandals, or onesies. All children’s clothing should be labeled with the child’s name clearly visible.


  • Put your child’s name on all clothing, toys, and other items that they bring with them to the child care center
  • Do not allow your child to bring jewelry, or toys that are over 6 inches long
  • Do not allow your child to bring combs or hairbrushes
  • Do not allow your child to bring gum
  • Do not use personal cell phones while in the nursery for safety reasons

We only accept checks and money orders. There is a $25.00 fee for all returned checks. If we receive three returned checks, only accashier’s checks or money orders will be accepted going forward. Please review the latest version of parents handbook for other additional pricing or fees that may apply. ( Late pick up & late payment fees please ask  Joyce or Diane at the front desk.)

Other Operational Policies:

For safety reasons, we do not allow children to charge any portable devices. No cell phones may be used while in the Facility. No smoking is allowed on the property. No open food or drink or gum may be brought in the facility. If you see one of the four vans gone, please do not block the driveway. As a courtesy on rainy days, we will move the vans to permit parents to park under the awning. Holloway Preschool & Day Care observes saying a morning prayer at the beginning of the school day, as well preschool teaching materials from abeka.com ( Christian materials ) are also utilized in Holloway’s Preschool Curriculum. Daily Bible stories each morning. Christian Music. Once a week, bible stories and Christian songs and games  with our Elementary school age children in our after school program. Parents are not permitted to take pictures or film any children on Holloway Preschool & Day Care premises without having written consent from all parents and legal guardians of all children.